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For people who would like to donate financially to the CFD, there are many ways if can be done. All of the expenses of the CFD (cost of the server, which needs replacing about every 6 or 7 years, and the ongoing cost of the internet feed) are paid for by BUZ (Howard R. Hamilton).

Checks can be made out to Howard R. Hamilton and sent to:

Howard R. Hamilton
Box 279
LeRoy, SK, S0K 2P0
E-transfers and PayPal payments can be made to:

Or, if you would like to earn different types of cryptocurrency while donating to the CFD, you can sign up to one or more of the following crypto-currency generators:

Honeyminer is an app that runs on home computers and generates "Satoshi" coins. If you join using this link:
some of the coins that you earn will generate coins for the CFD.

Pi is another cryptocurrency that is earned by installing an app on your cellphone, and then basically ignoring it, except to reactivate it once every 24 hours. To join the Pi network and start earning Pi, while also increasing the earnings of the CFD, go to this link:
Earn Pi and use "daBUZ" as your Invitation Code

If you travel a lot, GeoCoin earns cryptocurrency by "collecting digital assets made up of the GPS data that can be turned into cryptocurrencies or merchandise". To install this app and help the CFD earn cryptocurrency, use this link with your cellphone: