Articles by Paul H. Blackman

Letter to AAP Editors Comments on Feinstein's Research
on "Assault Weapons"
BJS Survey of State Prisons, 1991
Analysis of CDC's "Firearm Mortality amoung youth" CDC's 3rd National Injury Control Conference Commentary on Clinton's Gun comments
Letter to Journal of the AMA Letter to Editor of the Journal of Trauma Commentary on Children and Guns
Comments on mass murderers Criminology's Astrology:
Evaluation of Public Health Research on Firearms
Criminology's Astrology:
The CDC Approach of Public Health Research on Firearms
Comments on NEJM Homicide study Comments on AMA's Assault on Violence Speach to nurses during debate with Kellerman
Supplemental Affidavit filed by Mr. Blackman in NYC Assault Weapons case Comments on BATF tracing methods Summary of articles