Articles by Clayton Cramer

Essay comparing alcohol laws to gun laws Sparring with an Animal Rights Activist "Is the Crime Worth the Time?" American Rifleman October 1992
Original Intent of the Second Amendment California's Handgun Waiting Period Law - Did It Work? Notice of New article on CCW
The Racist Roots of Gun Control British and Canadian Crime Rates Fighting Fire with Fire
Email containing a compilation of Gun control articles in .CSV The Fifth Amendment, Self-Incrimination, and Gun Registration Antigun Propaganda Bites Jurassic Park
Research: Civilian Legal Defensive Homicides Gun Accidents and Kids: Techniques for Prevention Ethical Problems of Mass Murder Coveragein the Mass Media
Murder in California, American Rifleman, June 1990 Up from Pacifism Stopping the Sausage Machine
Shall Issue: The New Wave of Concealed Handgun Permit Laws State Constitutions and the Second Amendment US Murder Rates, 1960-1992 (in CSV format)