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In a democracy, rights are never taken away without the permission of the electorate. These pages exist to help you be more effective. If just 10 per cent of firearm owners spoke up, and gave some time and money, the prohibitionists would be stopped.

    Things you can do:
  • Feed Your Head: read books and research the topics
  • access Web sites, mailing lists and Computer Bulletin Boards
  • Spread the Word -- books in Libraries and Other Public Areas
  • Write Letters to the Editor
  • Talk Radio: phone a call-in show
  • Attend a Leadership Training Seminar
  • Make Speeches and hold Debates
  • Confront the Media
  • Look Good on TV -- dress up for interviews
  • The Magic Words -- always be polite!
  • Phone trees: call friends and then politicians.
  • Write Letters to Elected Officials
  • Write your letters on a Computer
  • Make a Letter and Telephone Master List
  • Start a Petition
  • Study Your Legislator, Her Friends, and Staff
  • Visiting Your MP and her Staff
  • Help a Pro-rights Candidate get elected
  • Testify before Parliamentary and Senate Committees
  • Support a firearm group with your time and/or money
  • Think Globally, but Act Locally
  • Make Public Service Announcements for Hunter Education and Firearm Safety
  • Teach Hunter Education and Firearm Safety classes
  • Boycott supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada

For details on the above ideas, please read Party Time -- An irreverent guide to political activism and Things you can do to Defend your Gun Rights .

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