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For all the latest information, subscribe to cdn-firearms-digest and cdn-firearms-chat.

PLEASE NOTE: The lists are now owned by someone else. E-mail owner-cdn-firearms to reach the current owner.

You can subscribe to the cdn-firearms mailing lists by e-mailing the following commands to Majordomo:

subscribe cdn-firearms
subscribe cdn-firearms-digest 
subscribe cdn-firearms-chat
Simply "click" the Majordomo e-mail address then paste (or type) the above subscribe commands into the e-mail.

Please read the cdn-firearms-digest FAQ list.

While I owned the cdn-firearms mailing lists from 1994 to 2002, the lists are now owned by someone else. Please e-mail owner-cdn-firearms to reach the current owner.

The purpose of the cdn-firearms electronic mailing lists is to help inform people everywhere by efficiently distributing information about Canadian firearm laws, regulations, and other related issues. Cdn-firearms-digest is moderated to:

  1. avoid the bickering and arguments that are seen elsewhere, and
  2. provide a source of information of particular interest and relevance to persons in Canada.

The cdn-firearms-chat list is not archived. It is also not moderated, but you must still subscribe to post messages.

Discussions are allowed on cdn-firearms-digest but "flames" will not be forwarded to subscribers. A wide variety of opinions are published through cdn-firearms-digest to allow free expression of thought and encourage open debate, but submissions may be corrected for accuracy, grammar and spelling without consulting the author.

Back issues of the Digest are available via here.

Note: Newer digests are available only to subscribers and only from majordomo. Older digests are available only from the HTTP (Web) sites. (i.e. Digests are available from majordomo from the instant they are sent out.)

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