Appendix 4

List of submissions



School Security
Vetting of Adults
Action of Churches Together in Scotland*  
Advertising Standards Authority, The*  
All Wales Play Forum*  
Assoc of Chief Police Officers of England & Wales***
Assoc of Chief Police Officers of Scotland*  
Assoc of Christian Teachers Scotland*  
Assoc of Deer Management Groups, The *
Assoc of Directors of Education** 
Assoc of Directors of Social Work** 
Assoc of Head Teachers*  
Assoc of Police Surgeons, The*  
Banking Insurance & Finance Union*  
BMA-General Medical Services Committee** 
Boys Brigade, The*  
British Association of Social Workers** 
British Deer Society, The*  
British Medical Assoc*  
British Shooting Sports Council*  
C.E.M. Firearms Ltd*  
Callander Rifle and Pistol Club*  
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation** 
Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education-Prof C Brackenridge*  
Chief Constables' Management Committee-Regional Crime Squad (North East)*  
Children 1st-Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, The*  
Children In Scotland*  
Children's Law Centre (Northern Ireland) Interim Steering Group* *
Church of Scotland, The (Board of Social Responsibility)* *
City Of Glasgow Council*  
Convention Of Scottish Local Authorities***
CSV Education*  
Discovery Camps Trust*  
Dunblane Snowdrop Petition*  
Educational Institute of Scotland, The***
Firearms Consultative Committee, The*  
Franks, Keith** 
†Gabor, Professor Thomas*  
Galbraith, Sam, MP*  
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland-Committee on Church and Nation*  
Greater Gwent Authority*  
Greenwood, Colin*  
Hammond, John** 
Hicks, P F*  
Independence Institute*  
International Shooting Sportspersons Liaison Committee*  
Inverness Royal Academy School Board*  
IPA Scotland-International Assoc for Child's Right to Play** 
Irvine Royal Academy-School Board and Parent & Staff Assoc*  
Jackson, P H*  
Joint Child Protection Committee Clackmannan, Falkirk, Stirling** 
Kendrick, Steven William*  
Kilwinning Academy*  
Kilwinning Academy School Board*  
Kingston Upon Thames Police & Community Consultative Group*  
Labour Party, The** 
Law Society of Scotland*  
Lawson, Dr Richard*  
League Against Cruel Sports*  
Lewis, Terry, MP (Worsley)*  
Liberal Democratic Party, The*  
Libertarian Alliance*  
Long Preston Parish Council*  
McLeod, Elizabeth*  
Moffat Academy School Board***
Morecambe Rifle & Pistol Club*  
Mosside & Hulme Community Forum*  
Munday, Richard*  
Nairn River Community Council** 
National Assoc of Head Teachers*  
National Association of Re-Enactment Societies*  
National Farmers Union-Country Landowners Assoc, Scottish Landowners Federation*  
National Foster Care Association** 
National Rifle & Pistol Assoc of Ireland*  
National Steering Group on Services for Children Under 8*  
National Viewers & Listeners Association*  
NCH Action For Children** 
North Ayrshire Council School Security Group*  
North East Risk Management Group*  
Office of Legislative Affairs*  
Oliver, Dr Ian, QPM*  
Penicuik Labour Party***
Play Wales*  
Police Federation of England and Wales*  
Preparatory Schools Rifle Association*  
Principal Community Education Officers Group (Scotland)*  
Professional Assoc of Teachers** 
Ramsay, Alastair*  
Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers)*  
Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers)-Meeting for Sufferings*  
Right Reverend Vincent Logan, Bishop of Dunkeld*  
Romsey Publishing Company Limited*  
Royal British Legion Scotland, The*  
Royal College of Psychiatrists, The*  
SAGE-Society Against Guns in Europe*  
Save The Children Fund, The Powys Project*  
Scottish Congregational Church*  
Scottish Further and Higher Education Assoc*  
Scottish National Party***
Scottish Parent Teacher Council***
Scottish Secondary Teachers Assoc***
Scottish Sports Council*  
Scottish Standing Council of Voluntary Youth Organisations*  
Scottish Target Shooting Federation*  
Shooters' Rights Assoc-Scottish Committee*  
Shooters' Rights Assoc, The***
Slough Borough Council*  
Society of Friends (Quakers)*  
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc*  
Stepping Stones in Scotland*  
Stevenson, Mr Jan A*  
Stirling Rifle and Pistol Club*  
Summerfield, John*  
Sussex Police Authority*  
Suzy Lamplugh Trust, The*  
Tayside Voluntary Organisations - Child Protection Group "All Our Children"*  
UNISON Scotland***
Volunteer Development Scotland*  
Wandsworth Council-Crime Prevention & Public Safety Sub-Committee*  
Watt, David*  
Watt, Mr & Mrs Fergus** 
West Wales Federation of Parent Teacher Assocs** 
‡Wilson, William, QPM, Chief Constable Central Scotland Police***
Yardley, Michael*  

†Submissions tendered by the legal representatives of the families or the deceased children, the injured children, those absent from class on 13 March 1996, Mrs Eileen Harrild and Mrs Mary Blake.

‡Submission tendered by the legal representatives of Central Scotland Police.

In addition to the above, Family Care provided a submission in regard to the importance of information about a person's family origins.Source Fire- School Vetting Arms Security of Adults

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Prepared 16 October 1996