Appendix 5

Publications taken into consideration


Home Office leaflets on:

    1. Firearm Security (1992)
    2. Firearms: Approval of Rifle and Pistol Clubs (1995 FA4-95)

Firearms Act 1968:

    1. Proposals for Reform (December 1987 Cm 261)
    2. Report of the Working Party on the Administration of the Act (April 1984)

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Annual Reports of the Firearms Consultative Committee (1990-96)

Report of the Working Group on the Administration of the Firearms Licensing System (Home Office November 1991)

Report of the Firearms Rules Working Group (March 1994)

Report of the Working Group on the Criteria for Home Office and Scottish Office Approval of Rifle and Pistol Clubs (March 1995)

ACPO Crime Committee Working Group on the Administration of Firearms: Firearms Administration: An Executive Summary (1991)

The Council of the European Communities; Council Directive of 18 June 1991 on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons.

(91/477/EEC-OJ No L 256 13 September 1991 p.51)

Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte and the Centre for Police and Criminal Justice Studies University of Exeter: Firearms Certification Study: A Report to The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (January 1991):

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Appendices
    3. Report

HMIC Report on the Administration of the Firearms Licensing System (England and Wales) (1993)

Home Office Research and Planning Unit Papers:

    1. No 79: Approval of Rifle and Target Shooting Clubs: The effects of the New and Revised Criteria (1993)
    2. No 84: The Theft of Firearms (1994)

Home Office Management Advisory Service Reports:

    1. No 14 (1991/92): Feasibility Study to Establish the cost of a Firearms Control Board
    2. No 14 (1993/94): Review of The Firearms Control Board

The Scottish Home and Health Department Police Circulars:

    1. No 5 (1986)
    2. No 11 (1993)

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary: Multi-force Firearms Scrutiny

The Scottish Office Statistical Bulletin Criminal Justice Series:

    1. CrJ/1995/4 September 1995
    2. CrJ/1995/8 December 1995
    3. CrJ/1996/4 August 1996

Hungerford Shooting Incident:

    1. Report of Colin Smith, Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police 29 September 1987
    2. Written answer to Parliamentary Question no 419 of 27 July 1988, attaching a Summary of the Report and Recommendations of HM Inspector of Constabulary


Department of Education and Science. Building Bulletin 67:Crime Prevention in Schools: Practical Guidance. (1987)

HSE: Preventing Violence to Staff. B Poyner and C Warne

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. (1988)

HSC Education Service Advisory Committee: Violence to Staff in the Education Sector. (1990)

HSC Education Service Advisory Committee: The Responsibilities of School Governors for Health and Safety. (1992)

HSC Education Service Advisory Committee: Safety Policies in the Education Sector. (1994)

HSC Education Service Advisory Committee: Managing Health and Safety in Schools. (1995)

HSE: Violence to Staff. (1995)

NAHAT: NHS Security Manual: Management Supplement (1995)

SHA: Managing Security in Schools and Colleges. K Cooper, formerly Assistant Chief Constable, and D Little, formerly Chief Superintendent of Northamptonshire. (1996)

DfEE Managing School Facilities Guide 4: Improving Security in Schools (1996)


The Scottish Office: Effective Intervention: Child Abuse (1989)

The Scottish Home and Health Department Police Circular No 4/1989: Disclosure of Criminal Convictions (1989)

Home Office, Department of Health and Welsh Office Circular: Protection of Children: Disclosure of Criminal Background to Voluntary Sector Organisations (1994)

Volunteer Development Scotland: Protecting Children (1995)

The Scottish Office Social Work Services Group Circular No SWSG 4/96: Child Protection: Local Liaison Machinery - Child Protection Committees (1996)

The Scottish Office Social Works Services Group: Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994 - Supervised Activities and Holiday Play Schemes used by Children under 8: Consultation Document 1996

Home Office: Sentencing and Supervision of Sex Offenders: A Consultation Document(1996)

Home Office: On the Record: The Government's Proposals for Access to Criminal Records for Employment and Related Purposes in England and Wales (1996)

The Scottish Office: On the Record in Scotland: Proposals for Improved Access to Criminal Records (1996)

The Scottish Office: Crime and Punishment (1996)

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