Title Page
List of Victims
Chapter 1 Summary of the Report
Chapter 2 The scope and conduct of the Inquiry
Chapter 3 The events of 13 March 1996
Chapter 4 Events in the life of Thomas Hamilton
Chapter 5 The last six months
Chapter 6 Thomas Hamilton's possession of firearms and ammunition
Chapter 7 The control of firearms and ammunition
Chapter 8 The certification system relating to section 1 firearms
Chapter 9 The availability of section 1 firearms
Chapter 10 School security
Chapter 11 The vetting and supervision of adults working with children and young people
Chapter 12 Summary of recommendations
Appendix 1 List of the parties and their representatives
Appendix 2 List of witnesses
Appendix 3 Discussion relating to decisions taken by Procurators Fiscal
Appendix 4 List of submissions
Appendix 5 Publications taken into consideration
Appendix 6 Target shooting competitions for handguns

The Public Enquiry into the Shootings at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996 - The Government Response

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Prepared 16 October 1996