National Firearms Association Presentation to the Senate on C-68

Paper Reference Title
Ia Legal Problems in Bill C-68
Ib C-68's Botched License and Registration System
Ic Constitutionality of C-68
IIa Regulatory Law, Licensing Fees and Legislative Jurisdictions
IIb Justice Minister Allan Rock Comments on Bill C-68
III The Security of Ottawa's Computerized Registration Records
IV C-68: The Definition Problems - What does it all Mean
Va Crime and our Criminal Justice System
Vb Absolute Rights, Crimes and Punishments
VII Effects of Bill C-68 on Aboriginal Peoples
VIIIa The Powers in Bill C-68 Regarding Confiscations
IXa Why Extra Penalties for Gun Use do not Work
IXb Actual versus Theoretical Statistics and Effects
X The Grandfathering Mess in Bill C-68
XI Trafficking in Guns
XII Police Confirm Auditor General's Report
XIIIa Australian Gun Control Situation, 30 May 1995
XIIIb The Practical Firearms Control System
XIVa Tangled Messes inour Firearms Registration System
XV Comments on Two Ontario Police Reports
XVI Letter to the Auditor General of Canada - March 23, 1993
XVIIa Analysis of "Variant or Modified Version"
XVIIb Unlisted "Variants" in 1993 Gun Digest
XVIII Retroactive Criminalization in Bill C-68
XIX Does Government Distribute Facts? or Lies?
XX The Independence of Quasi-Judicial Licensing Tribunals
Presentation The NFA Presentation to the Senate on Bill C-68