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Access to Information filed on August 11, 1992
Initial Brief Analysis of C-68
NFA Political Analysis - July 10 1995
First Superficial Analysis of C-68
Analysis of the Liberal "Action Plan on Firearms Control"
Excerpt from the Australian, May 27, 1995
Why the Liberal Party Cannot be Trusted with Power
Proposed Firearms Control Bill to Replace Part III of the Criminal Code of Canada
Proposed Firearms Control BIll to Replace C-17
The Practical Firearms Control System
Index to the proposed legislation
Letter from Dave A Tomlinson to Minister Alan Rock
SCC cases: Hasselwander, Finlay, Ted Simmermon, David A. Tomlinson
David Hamel, Gordon Davidge and Milarm
Test case with David Tomlinson refusing periodic inspections
Canadian Firearms Safety Course Student's Handbook Critique
Canadian Firearms Safety Course Amplification
Column on Gun Control Laws by DAT
Constitutionality of C-68
To those facing Confiscation of "Converted" Full Autos
Firearms Control - From the Criminal Point of View
Bylaws for a national party to support peoples rights
Facts? or Lies - Analysis of Dept. of Justice booklet:
"Facts about the Firearms Bill, June 1995"
Analysis of Department of Justice booklet:
Firearms Act - General Facts
Firearms Fallacies
Firearms, Legal Principles, and Mens Rea
Letter to S/Sgt R. Gidley regarding FRAS non-issuing of a registration
The Grandfathering Mess in Bill C-68
The Gun Owners of Canada: Seven Million and Counting
How Many Firearms and Owners are there in Canada?
Press Release: Orders in Council Invalid - Big Government Gun Goof
Corrections to Globe and Mail Article - April 25, 1995
Canada Seen as Ripe for Birth of Militia
Comments attributed to M ajor R. A. Laycock
List of Senate Hearing Papers
Comments on Vancouver Sun article on Michael Martinoff
The Legal Problems of Bill C-17
The Major's Mortar
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NFA Court Actions, Tactics and Strategy
Nova Scotia Wildlife Federation - Theory on Amendments to C-68
How many Firearms and Owners are there in Canada
Actual versus Theoretical Statistics and Effects
Canadian Firearms Community Party Time
An Irreverent Guide to Political Activism
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The NFA Presentation on Bill C-68
Papers sent to the Senate Hearings on Bill C-68
Warning to Dealers/Gunsmiths about Magazine Conversions
Analytical Papers on the November 1996 Firearms Regulations
Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Adaptations Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms
Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms Individual Regulations Interpretation
Analytical Papers on the October 1997 Firearms Regulations
Firearms Registration Certificate Regulations Comments on Public Agents Regulations
Comments on "Special Authorith to Possess" Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations
Importation and Exportation of Firearms Regulations (Individuals) Comments of the Firearms Act Implementation Schedule
Gun Show Regulations
Justice Minister Alan Rock's Bad Day
Absolute Rights, Crime and Punishments
C-68: The Definition Problems - What does it all Mean?
C-68: Aspects of the mess in the Proposed Legislation
Bill C-68 - An Example of the Police State Mentality
Retroactive Criminalization in Bill C-68
Safety Considerations - CFSC
Trafficking in Guns
What to do While You're Being Raided
Firearms and the Law (Self Defence)
Message to the Senators of Canada
The Storage Mess in the Regulations (JUS-92-193-02)
Review of Firearms Registration - TR1994-9e
Test of TR1994-9e - A review of the old registration system
Firearms Control - From the Criminal Point of View
Williams vs Kaplan - Supreme Court of Ontario - December 1983
Rape, Violent Crime and Women in Canada
For Women Only - The Lioness Method of Rape Prevention