February 27, 1995 For Immediate Release


Breitkreuz moves to divide Firearms Act into two parts: crime control and gun control

Ottawa - Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville spoke in opposition to the Liberal's gun control bill in the House of Commons today. Breitkreuz said, "A little over a year ago the Minister of Justice was quoted in a number of newspapers saying that he believed that only the police and the military should have guns. Well, we have been through this bill and it is clear to me, and it will soon be clear to all Canadians, that the Minister has taken the first step towards achieving his personal objective."

Breitkreuz continued, "After reading this legislation, it is also clear that the Minister of Justice and his Cabinet colleagues have confused "gun control" with "crime control". Anyone who studies this issue for more than a couple of hours will realize that there is no connection between controlling the legal use of guns by law-abiding gun owners and reducing crime. The Minister of Justice cannot tell us specifically how controlling guns and registering guns will reduce crime. The Minister keeps saying the Chiefs of Police have asked for it. Well the Minister can't hide behind that answer forever. Sooner or later he has to be responsible for answering his own questions. He has to defend his legislation with reasoned arguments and not expect others outside this House to come to his rescue," challenged Breitkreuz.

The Saskatchewan Reform MP, an outspoken advocate for really tough penalties for real criminals and defender of the rights of gun owners to own and use firearms, used his first opportunity to speak against the Liberals gun control proposals and on behalf of the 7 million gun owners, he expressed his outrage about measures in the bill which would implement a national firearms registry, prohibit over 550,000 more firearms and confiscate private property without compensation. In his address, he described 21 measures in the bill which he would support if they were modified and amended, gave 35 reasons why he is opposed to the legislation, and tabled 28 amendments to the bill. Breitkreuz also moved a motion to divide the bill into two parts to allow quick passage of the crime control provisions and a reasoned debate on the proposed gun control measures.

Breitkreuz encouraged all law-abiding, responsible firearms owners saying, "Don't give up. The fight for the kind of Canada we all want to live in has begun in earnest. I encourage you to write letters to both federal and provincial politicians, send petitions to your MP, write letters to the editor, phone in to hot-line radio and TV shows, get involved in a political party that best represents your views, help organize and attend rallies. Whatever you do, don't break the laws of the land no matter how undemocratic they appear - work to change them through all legal means possible. Bad laws can be repealed if a truly democratic party is in power and if we have the support of the majority of all Canadians." Breitkreuz concluded, "If the Justice Minister believes he has such broad public support for his bill he should allow a free vote, particularly on the contentious national firearms registry. Frankly, I don't think this bill could pass the test of true democracy but I would be willing to live with the results if Allan Rock would."


For copies of Garry's speech please call:

Yorkton: (306) 782-3309

Ottawa: (613) 992-4394

Whether a Canadian is a gun owner or not, here are some principles on which this legislation should be judged. I encourage every voter to inform themselves and to judge this legislation against their own personal beliefs not what the government, the media or politicians are telling you. This is one nasty piece of legislation and it will affect not only your lives but also the lives of your children and your grandchildren. The Minister of Justice is right. This legislation is about the kind of country we want to live in. You owe it to yourselves and the next generations to get it right. Your safety and the safety of your family, your friends, your home and your property is at stake.

If you believe in less government and less bureaucracy, then you will not support this gun control bill.

If you believe in less government spending, then you will not support this gun control bill.

If you believe in lower taxes, then you will not support this gun control bill.

If you believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility then you will not support this gun control legislation.

If you believe in every citizen's right to private property then you will definitely not support this gun control legislation.

If you believe in true equality and that the law should be applied equally regardless of your race or where you live then you will not like what you read in this gun control bill.

If you believe in every citizen's constitutional right to "life, liberty and security of the person" then you will oppose this gun control bill with every ounce of energy you have.

If you believe it is everyone's right and responsibility to defend themselves, their family, their property and their home as described in the Criminal Code of Canada then you will not like what you read in this gun control bill.

If you believe that public policy should reflect the will of the majority then you will be demanding that your Member of Parliament vote according to the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

If you believe the federal government should not interfere in areas of provincial jurisdiction then you will not support this gun control bill.

If you believe it is the duty of elected officials to represent their constituents wishes in regardless of their personal views or the policies of their political party then you will be demanding that the government hold a free vote on this gun control bill.