March 21, 1995 For Immediate Release


"Either Allan Rock doesn't know what he's doing or he is misleading the public," says Breitkreuz.

Ottawa - Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, expressed deep disappointment with Justice Minister Allan Rock's failure to answer his Order Paper Question #107 which asked the Liberal Government what the economic impact would be of their proposed gun control legislation.

What Canadians are Asking

Q-107 - November 16, 1994 - Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville)

"What is the estimated economic impact in Canada of the firearms and related industries, with attention to manufacturing, sales and repair, international trade, hunting, sports, recreation tourism and associated activities and what is the impact that previous and proposed gun control measures have had and will have on the firearms and related industries?"

What Allan Rock Calls an Answer

March 17, 1995 - Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

"The firearms industry is substantial, especially when one considers related industries such as hunting. For example, the Canadian Wildlife Service (Environment Canada) reported that in the year 1991, over 1.2 billion dollars were spent by Canadians and Americans on hunting in Canada. Firearms control is designed to be cost neutral. The measures introduced continue to respect the legitimate uses of firearms for sporting and recreational purposes. Stricter firearm control measures are essential to public health and safety, and one cannot put a price tag on the prevention of violence and the added security that is felt by Canadians."

Breitkreuz criticized the government for keeping important facts hidden from the public. "Obviously, the Liberals don't even know what the costs are going to be for our economy and for Canadian workers and industry. Rock keeps saying that his plan to register all rifles and shotguns will only cost $85 million. It is obvious to every thinking Canadian that the actual cost to the economy will be hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of Canadians will lose their jobs and their livelihood. All we ask the Minister is to publicly present all the facts, let the people decide and let all Members of Parliament represent their constituents' wishes in a free vote. Give democracy a chance at least once during this session," concluded Breitkreuz.


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