April 25, 1995 For Immediate Release


"Who are Canadians supposed to believe - the 1976 Liberals or the 1995 Liberals?" asks Breitkreuz.

Ottawa - Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, today released a 1976 Liberal Government document which seriously undermines the credibility of Allan Rock's assumptions about the number of firearms in Canada. Yesterday the Minister of Justice appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee for Justice and released his "Financial Framework" for the implementation of the measures proposed in Bill C-68 including the national firearms registry and licences for all firearm owners. "There are lots of reasons why Mr. Rock's $85 million dollar cost estimate doesn't make sense but everyone understands that the cost will be a lot higher if he has underestimated the number of firearms and the number of firearm owners. Comparing the Liberal government's 1976 estimates with their 1995 estimates shows 8 or 9 million guns unaccounted for," reported Breitkreuz.

An original copy of the 1976 "gun-control" document was sent to Breitkreuz by a constituent. It was prepared by the Department of Justice for Solicitor General Ron Basford when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister. The old Liberal report states: "At the same time, there has been a steady increase in the number of firearms in Canada. Estimates place the number at over ten million in 1974, with almost one-quarter million added to the stock each year."

"Using the Liberal's own estimate there should now be over 15 million firearms in Canada. Now the Justice Minister says there are only 6 or 7 million guns in Canada and he can't explain where the other 8 or 9 million guns went. It means a big difference in his bogus cost estimates and in calculating the actual rate of compliance with the registration law," observed Breitkreuz. Reformers vow to repeal registration if they are elected. "Even so," said Breitkreuz, "any prudent government would have a contingency plan to deal with the possibility that their estimates are wrong."

The same 1976 Liberal government document said, "registration of each individual long gun....appeared to be impractical as well as unduly expensive." In 1976, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police told the Justice Committee that registration was "unrealistic, administratively unworkable and will not act as a deterrent to violence". This supports what 76% of the police on the street in Saskatchewan are now saying: registration is a waste of police time and money and won't deter criminals.

"Who are Canadian voters supposed to believe - the 1976 Liberals or the 1995 Liberals? Which police experts are Canadians supposed to believe - the police on the street or the chiefs sitting in their ivory towers? Which Chiefs of Police report are Canadians supposed to believe - their brief to the Justice Committee in 1976 or the one they will give to the Justice Committee next week?" asked Breitkreuz.


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