June 7, 1995 For Immediate Release


"We have been waiting for 121 days for an answer to our question," said Breitkreuz.

Ottawa - Today in the House of Commons, Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, asked the Government House Leader when he could expect an answer from the Department of Justice. Question #137 was submitted on February 6, 1995 and the Standing Orders of the House of Commons require a written answer within 45 days. One hundred and twenty-one(121) days have passed and still no answer to a very simple question:

Q-137 - "How many full time and part time staff are involved in and what is the total cost of administering the current firearms laws and regulations for all of Canada and what share of the costs is borne by the three levels of government: Federal, Provincial, Municipal?"

"It is absolutely vital that we have this information before the final vote on Bill C-68," Breitkreuz told the Government. The government could provide no reasonable explanation for the delay.

"I don't know if the government is trying to hide the true costs of implementing gun control laws in Canada or if they just don't know. I can't believe they don't know, because I know the department is currently re-negotiating financial agreements with the provinces to reimburse them for these very costs," said Breitkreuz.

"It was reported yesterday that the federal government is now proposing to hire "inspectors" to force gun owners to register all their rifles and shotguns, but the government isn't saying if the cost of hiring inspectors is included in their $85 million cost estimate." Breitkreuz agreed with Reform Justice Critic, Jack Ramsay's statement, "If there is an increase in cost, you can be sure someone is going to have to pay the tab whether it be the provinces, the gun owner or the Canadian taxpayer."


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