June 9, 1995 For Immediate Release


"Liberals limit debate on 3 controversial issues: Gun Control, Sexual Orientation and MP Pensions."

Ottawa - Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, today tabled two amendments to Bill C-68 which would automatically repeal any and all gun control measures in five years unless the provisions have been proven to be cost-effective, by the Auditor General, in improving public safety and reducing violent crime committed with firearms. "I believe if any gun control measure is not cost-effective in improving public safety and saving lives that it should be discontinued in favour of more cost-effective measures," said Breitkreuz.

"It will be difficult for the Liberals to argue against my "sunset clause" amendment because they will have to argue that they support gun control measures even though the Auditor General cannot find any evidence to show the measures to be cost-effective at reducing violent crime involving firearms," explained Breitkreuz. "We'll find out if public safety is the Liberal's primary concern."

"Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll even have time to debate my amendment because the Liberals have voted to limit the time available for debate of this flawed bill. It is very disappointing to see how little respect the Liberals have for fundamental democratic principles and the right of all voters to have a voice in Parliament through their MP."

"By forcing "time allocation" on Bills C-68, C-41 and C-85, the Liberals have declared their highest priorities to be gun control, MP pensions and including "sexual orientation" in the sentencing legislation. I don't believe these controversial issues are priorities for the people of Canada. I'm sure that if the people knew how democracy was getting a kick in the teeth here in Ottawa, there would be a lot more concern expressed. I wonder if the Liberals are hoping that voters will forget this by the time the next election rolls around?" asked Breitkreuz.


For copies of the Sunset Clause amendments call:

Yorkton: (306) 782-3309

Ottawa: (613) 992-4394