September 28, 1995 For Immediate Release


"Canadians want gun laws that are cost-effective, reduce violent crime and save lives."

Ottawa - In the House of Commons today, Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, introduced a Private Member's Bill called the Firearms Law Sunset Act. The "Breitkreuz Bill" was seconded by Deborah Grey, Reform MP for Beaver River, Alberta. If passed by Parliament this bill would provide a 5 year sunset provision on all gun control legislation unless the Auditor General has reported that the gun control law has been a successful and cost-effective measure which has increased public safety and reduced violent crime involving the use of firearms. The Auditor General's report would have to be considered by a twelve member committee comprised of six Members of Parliament and six experts on firearms law. The committee report would also have to be presented to, and concurred in, by the House of Commons or the sunset provision would take effect automatically.

Breitkreuz explained, "If Members of Parliament want gun control measures that reduce violent crime, they will support this bill. If Members of Parliament want gun control measures that improve public safety and save lives, they will support this bill. And finally, if MPs want gun control measures that not only reduce violent crime involving the use of firearms but also want the most successful and most cost-effective methods for achieving this goal, they will support this bill."

"How could anyone argue against this type of sunset provision?" asked Breitkreuz. "They would have to argue that they support gun controls even if they don't work and no matter how much the controls cost. No one is arguing that gun controls are unnecessary only that police time and resources should be spent on measures that get the best bang for the buck. That's exactly what this bill does."

"Every year the government passes hundreds of new laws but seldom repeals any. Maybe every bill passed by Parliament should come with a "sunset clause" which would automatically repeal any measure which isn't working or isn't cost-effectively achieving its stated objective. Liberals and bureaucrats will hate this type of "sunset law" but taxpayers will love them," predicted Breitkreuz.


If you would like a copy of the bill please call:

Yorkton: (306) 782-3309

Ottawa: (613) 992-4394