January 22, 1996 For Immediate Release


Rockford Rally gives unanimous support to "Brandon Declaration"

Yorkton - Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville spoke to 65 responsible firearm owners at a rally held January 20th in Rockford, Sask. "That so many came out on a Saturday night when it was 39 below zero shows how upset local hunters and sport shooters are with the Liberal government," said local organizer Don Balaski. "We all had to take a break half way through the meeting so that those present could warm up their vehicles to make sure they would start at the end of the meeting," reported Breitkreuz.

Breitkreuz traced the history of the Liberal's anti-gun bill (C-68) for the crowd reminding them of the rally held two years ago in Preeceville, Sask. where over 1600 angry citizens protested the last round of gun control laws passed by the Conservatives (who now hold just two seats in the House of Commons). "Democratic and parliamentary reforms in Ottawa are desperately needed," he said, "so that, big city lawyers from Toronto, like Allan Rock, cannot impose meaningless legislation upon the law-abiding citizens of Saskatchewan." Breitkreuz went on to describe the many fatal flaws in the Liberals gun control bill that defy the common sense of a vast majority of the people in the West.

Many of the men and women present told Breitkreuz they will not register their guns because they do not trust the government and don't want criminals to know who has or doesn't have guns. In response to questions from the floor, Murray Grismer, a Saskatoon police officer, made the point, "The justice system is on the verge of collapse if there is mass civil disobedience." Grismer reported that the City of Saskatoon estimates that it will need six full time police officers to deal with the additional work required to register everyone's rifles and shotguns.

Hal Schnare, representing the Saskatchewan Responsible Firearms Owners warned the rally that "registration will lead to confiscation" and that "people should not listen to the soft talk the Liberals will give us as they continue to rip us off." Dan Lupichuk of the National Firearms Association emphasized that the Liberal gun control bill will be a huge issue in the next election and handed out election signs which read, "Remember Bill C-68 When You Vote."

Many at the meeting voiced their concern that the government was altering their way of life by forcing more controls on them. "Our culture and lifestyle is as important to us as Quebec's is to them. It is distinct and we resent the federal government trying to remake the kind of country we live in."

Breitkreuz said, "We may have lost the battle, but we're going to win the war. Don't give up. Encourage the government of Saskatchewan to stand up to the feds on your behalf. We have the true grassroots speaking up, and the concerns expressed are real. The Liberal's had better start listening to the people or the people are going to tell them where to go." The attached "Brandon Declaration" was passed unanimously during the rally.


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