September 19, 1996
For Immediate Release


"Destruction of 22,000 RCMP handguns another example of Liberal government waste."

Ottawa - Today, Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, announced a plan for the Province of Saskatchewan to raise millions which he suggests could be used to support health care programs. In response to one of his written questions in the House of Commons, Breitkreuz learned that the Liberal government has ordered the destruction of 22,000 .38 calibre revolvers which are being replaced with newer more effective models (See copy of Garry's question and the government response attached).

Breitkreuz was more than a little surprised that the government wasn't planning to sell the handguns. "Each of these RCMP handguns is stamped with the letters RCMP or MP and are therefore valuable collectors items and historical artifacts. I checked with knowledgeable firearm collectors and they advised me that, depending on the condition, each of the RCMP handguns was worth anywhere from $100 to $500 each. Therefore destroying these firearms is like the government throwing away between $2 to $11 million," reported Breitkreuz.

Breitkreuz, in carefully reading the government's response, noted that "...the policy governing the disposal of firearms only allows for the sale of serviceable weapons on a government-to-government basis or destruction." "So I had the idea that rather than destroy millions of dollars worth of valuable firearms, that the Government of Saskatchewan buy the 22,000 RCMP handguns and sell them to museums, existing gun collectors, and qualified, licensed firearms owners in Saskatchewan. I already know of a number of retired Mounties who would love to buy their old service revolvers," said Breitkreuz.

"I think the Liberal government should be looking for ways of saving taxpayers' hard-earned money rather than arbitrarily destroying valuable government assets. Instead of choosing destruction as their first choice, the federal government should be approaching other countries who might be interested in purchasing these firearms," recommended Breitkreuz.

Breitkreuz concluded by saying, "Here is an opportunity for the provincial government to take the RCMP firearms off the federal government's hands and sell them to law-abiding gun owners who are authorized by the RCMP to own firearms of this type. The RCMP is an important part of Saskatchewan's history and their firearms need to be preserved not chopped up into little pieces. This is yet another example of blatant government waste by the Liberals. I don't understand Ottawa's logic in destroying these pieces of history -- I believe Saskatchewan gun owners will agree with me."

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