Garry Breitkreuz, M.P.
News Release

Reform Justice Critics Walk Out of Committee Meeting in Resignation

For Immediate Delivery

December 3, 1997

Ottawa-- Yesterday, the Reform Justice Team moved to delete all 62 pages of gun regulations recently reviewed by the Standing Committee on Justice. "Tinkering with regulations that are fundamentally flawed cannot change what was a bad Bill in the first place. What they need is to go back to the drawing board," declared Reformís Chief Justice Critic Jack Ramsay. Immediately following the defeat of Reformís recommendation by the Liberal dominated Committee, the Reform Critics walked out of the meeting.

"If the government proceeds with implementation as planned, the registration system will be filled with errors according to the RCMP. This will render the system practically useless even for the purposes the government said it was originally intended to fulfill which is to provide for safer streets," said Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville. "The government canít even tell us how much itís going to cost so how will they ever be able to determine if itís cost-effective?"

This week, officials in the Canadian Firearms Centre confirmed with Breitkreuzí s office that no one is even looking at the economic cost that these new regulations will impose on the Canadian economy. "They donít know how much gun registration is going to cost to implement. They donít know how much itís going to cost Canadians in lost jobs, lost sales, lost trade and lost investment. All they do know is the registration system will be riddled with erroneous data that will be practically useless to police," said Breitkreuz. "Bill C-68 was a huge mistake and itís becoming more obvious all the time. Gun clubs, shooting ranges, gun show organizers and outfitters who count on American business will be destroyed."

Ramsay concluded, "Reformers are tired of playing the Liberalsí games. Gun registration wonít improve public safety but hereís what will: (1) More police on the street, (2) Keeping violent criminals in jail until the end of their sentence, (3) Limiting the use of conditional sentencing to non-violent offenders, (4) A complete overhaul of the Young Offenderís Act. The government talks about public safety but fails to put tax dollars where they will do the most good."


Call the Reform Justice Critics for more information:

Jack Ramsay: (613) 947-4608

Garry Breitkreuz: (613) 992-4394