Articles from the Reform Party

Reform Party Press Releases:
Date Title
March 10, 1994 Breitkreuz Re-Opens Gun Control Debate
May 12, 1994 Breitkreuz Calls Gun Control Laws Bizarre
June 23, 1994 Media Bias on Gun Control Issue
September 21, 1994 Criminal Use of Guns Ignored in Liberal Sentencing Bill
November 8, 1994 Registration of Firearms and Cars not the Same
Breitkreuz asks the Province to Challenge Gun Control Laws
November 18, 1994 Gun Registration Never Worked in Australia and won't Work here
November 21, 1994 Breitkreuz challenges Rock to Debate on Gun Control
December 8, 1994 Rock Says, "We Govern by What is Right!"
Breitkreuz says, "Right for whom?"
January 9, 1995 Project Gun Runner Proves Firearms Registration does not Work
January 25, 1995 Gun Control will Result in More Crime, More Injuries and More Death
February 8, 1995 What is Killing Canadian Men and Women
Mortality Statistics Show Liberals have their Priorities Wrong
February 14, 1995 Rock Kept his Word - Law Abiding Gun Owners are to be treated as Criminals
February 27, 1995 Rock's Bill Supports that only Police and Military should have Guns
March 2, 1995 Breitkreuz asks voters to take his "Gen Control Test" and then decide
March 14, 1995 Cops and Crooks Agree: Gun Control Does Not Control Crime
March 17, 1995 151 Leaks Reported in Police Computers used to Register Guns
March 21, 1995 Anti-Gun Bill Will Force Thousands into Unemployment Lines
March 23, 1995 City Police in Saskatoon Overwhelmingly Oppose Gun Control Bill
March 28, 1995 Rock's Gun Control Bill Invades Areas of Provincial Jurisdiction
March 30, 1995 Justice Minister is trying to Influence Alberta Court Case
April 3, 1995 Made in Ottawa Criminals get Stiffer Penalties than Real Criminals
April 5, 1995 Rights of Law Abiding Gun Owners Mauled by Liberal Bullying Tactics
April 20, 1995 Liberals Ignore Auditor General's Recommendations on Gun Control
April 25, 1995 Alan Rock can't Explain Where 8 or 9 Million Guns Went
April 27, 1995 Alan Rock Resorts to Snake-Oil Salesman Tactics to Sell Flawed Gun Control Bill
May 1, 1995 Drug Dealers have more Rights than Law Abiding Gun Owners
May 2, 1995 If only Gun Registration was the Same as Registering a Car
May 8, 1995 New Brunswick Liberals Week-Kneed for not Opposing Gun Control
May 9, 1995 "Rock hasn't done his Homework," says former teacher Garry Breitkreuz
May 18, 1995 Reform Gives Voice to Over a Million Quebecers
The Views of Quebec gun owners have been "bloc-ed" by their own MPs
May 19 1995 Justice Committee Must Unite Canadians in Fight Against Violent Crime
May 30, 1995 Insurance Companies say, "Gun Owners not an Identifiable Risk Group"
May 31, 1995 On Behalf of 9,144 Canadians, Breitkreuz presented 373 petitions Opposed to Bill C-68
June 7, 1995 True Costs of Gun Control Unknown of Hidden by Government
June 9, 1995 Sunset Clause Would Automatically Repeal Ineffective Gun Control Laws
June 14, 1995 Rock Fudges Another Question on the Real Costs of Gun Control
June 15, 1995 Liberals' Anti-Democracy Actions Prove Canada Needs Direct Democracy Act
June 19, 1995 Things I would have said if the Liberals Hadn't Invoked Closure
June 20, 1995 Things I would have said if the Liberals Hadn't Invoked Closure (2)
August 3, 1995 Environics Poll Shows Increasing Opposition to Bill C-68
August 22, 1995 91% of Serving RCMP Officers Opposed to Registration of Guns
August 28, 1995 Bill C-68 is Dead!
If Rock has any doubt he should conduct a national survey of police officers
September 26, 1995 "Liberal-Tory, same old Story" - Liberals stack Senate to try and pass Bill c-68
September 28, 1995 Breitkreuz Bill - Sunset Law to Repeal Useless Gun Control Legislation
October 24, 1995 Bill C-68 - Ontario Provincial Police AssociationJust Says "No!"
October 24, 1995 Senate Urged to Consider Data on Defensive uses of Guns in Their Review
November 8, 1995 Police Magazine Editorials Question Logic of Gun Registration
November 15, 1995 5,900 more Police Officers or Gun Registration? You Decide
November 20, 1995 Gun Registration Estimated to Cost Municipalities Over Half a Billion a Year
November 22, 1995 Passage of Anti-Gun BIll Proves the Need for an Elected Senate
December 6, 1995 Passage of Anti-Gun BIll Proves the Need for an Elected Senate
January 19, 1996 Now the Gun Bill is Law, Everyone's Rights are Threatened
January 22, 1996 "Saskatchewan's Culture is as Unique as Quebec's" says Breitkreuz
February 9, 1996 Liberals Refuse to Release Results of Gun Control Evaluation
May 17, 1996 RCMP Don't Know if the Handgun Registration System has Solved One Crime
May 29, 1996 Breitkreuz Bill Would Stregthen Property in Federal Law
August 27, 1996 Why is Government Taking Mounties off the Highways and Back into the Office
September 9, 1996 Liberal Firearms Bureaucracy Grows to 107 to Implement Flawed Gun Laws
September 19, 1996 Breitkreuz Finds Way for Saskatchewan to Raise Millions for Health Care
October 1, 1996 Provincial Constitutional Challenge of Bill C-68 Could Save Taxpayers Millions
October 3, 1996 Just What was Said
Is this Misrepresentation a Preview of Next Years Liberal Election Strategy
October 16, 1996 Liberal Evaluation of Gun Control Does not Address Cost Effectiveness!
October 30, 1996 What's Killing Canadians?
Breitkreuz Releases 1994 Mortality Statistics
November 4, 1996 National Crime Prevention Week - It'd the Family Stupid!
November 6, 1996 Americans and Mexicans have more Property Rights in Canada than Canadians
November 8, 1996 Reform Right to Oppose Firearms Registration
November 8, 1996 Allan Rock's Proposed Firearms Fees will kill Thousands of Jobs
November 28, 1996 Criminals are Stealing Guns from the Police - Liberals Stonewalling
December 3, 1996 Breitkreuz Bill would epeal Gun Laws that Can't Pass "Public Safety Test"
December 10, 1996 Breitkreuz Introduces the Peoples Tax Form Act
December 18, 1996 Breitkreuz Urges Everyone to Fly a Red Ribbon on their Cars Over the Holidays
January 6, 1997 Justice Minister Joins Prime Minister in Deceiving Canadians
February 4, 1997 Memorandum - To: Sub Committee Reviewing Firearms Act Regulations
February 14, 1997 Liberal Senator Carstairs' Social Re-engineering Projects Never Stop
March 6, 1997 Letter to the Minister of Environment and Resources
Indian and Metis Hunting Rights in Saskatchewan
March 12, 1997 Number of Police at Lowest Level Since 1972
No Wonder Criminals are Laughing
March 18, 1997 Breitkreuz Introduces Charter of Duties and Responsibilities
April 8, 1997 Re: Catherine Ford Gun Control Column The Ottawa Citizen
April 8, 1997 Re: Panel Discussion on Gun Control
Sunday Edition
April 25, 1997 Power Grab: Fundamental Principles of Democracy Being Violated
June 6, 1997 News Column
by: Jack Ramsay, M. P. for Crowfoot
June 25, 1997 The Federal Justice Minister Should have been First off the Mark
July 11, 1997 Appeal to Supreme Court Necessary in Burns and Rafay Cases
August 29, 1997 More Police on the Street will Improve Public Safety
If gun registration reduces crime, why are handgun homicides Increaseing
October 14, 1997 The Future of Legislative Counsel and a Defence of M.P.'s rights
October 23, 1997 Speaker's Ruling sets House of Commons Back 400 Years
November 5, 1997 Breitkreuz Motion Adjourns Debate on CWB Bill
Poorly drafted ammendments are a concern for all partiesat Ag Committee
November 7, 1997 Breitkreuz Fights Gun Registration Regs. with Common-Sense Bill
November 17, 1997 Liberal's Real Agenda on Gun Control revealed on Friday
November 27, 1997 Speaker's Rulings Deny M.P.s' Rights for 4th Time in a Row
December 3, 1997 Reform Justice Critics Walk out of Committee Meeting in Resignation
December 11, 1997 What are the Liberals Hiding at UN Firearms Workshops?
January 19, 1998 Cukier Evasive about UN Firearm Workshops
February 2, 1998 Axworthy Admits he Vetoed Pankiw
February 20, 1998 Liberals are killing thousands of jobs with laws and regulations that make no sense
February 23, 1998 Re: Setting the record straight on Gun Control
The Ottawa Citizen
March 9, 1998 RCMP Commissionersays Justice Department Misrepresented Statistics for Firearms and Violent Crime during Debate of Bill C-68
April 2, 1998 RCMP Won't Swear Affidavit that Firearms Statistics Introduced by the Justice Department in Alberta Court of Appeal are "Accurate"
April 7, 1998 Response to Ms. Suzanne LaPlante-Edward's letter in
The Montreal Gazette
April 23, 1998 Breitkreuz Requests Auditor General to Uncover Total Costs of C-68
April 28, 1998 Number of Firearms "Involved in Crimes" Still in Dispute
April 28, 1998 What will Bill C-68 cost Taxpayers?
April 30, 1998 Repeal C-68, The Firearms Act, Say 2,275 Petitioners to Parliment
May 5, 1998 Government Says Gun Registration No More Complex than Income Tax System
May 8, 1998 Firearm Registration Postcard is already 8 1/2 by 14 and Very Complex
Bill C-284 An Act to amend An Act for the Recognition and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and to amend the Constitution Act, 1867
Bill C-357 An Act to provide for the expiry of gun control legislation that is not proven effective within five years of coming into force
1996 Reforms to the Young Offenders Act
1996 Critique of Justice Department Evaluation (ED1996-1e)
A Statistical Analysis of the Impacts of the 1977 Firearms Control Legislation
  A Reform Government will Repeal Bill C-68
  Petition for motion M300:
Canada should recognize the fundamental right of individuals to pursue family life free from interference by the State.
  Petition to add Property Rights to the Charter of Rights
  Statement of Duties and Responsibilities of a Canadian Citizen