1. Firearms and Firearm Owners in Canada

1.2 The "Gun Lobby"?

Is there a "powerful pro-gun lobby" in Canada? There are no major firearm manufacturers in this country, only importers, yet the CGC constantly repeats an erroneous claim that the shooting organizations in Canada have "...at least a dozen paid lobbyists" working on behalf of "pro-gun" groups. The official government Lobby Register lists only four who could be considered attached to firearm interests, and only two representing major recreational shooting organizations. The list also includes the professional lobbyist representing the Coalition for Gun Control.

The firearm prohibitionist movement in Canada, led by the CGC, presents their gun control proposals as "moderate". But are they? They may appear moderate to individuals who don't own firearms, but few gun owners support them.

One of the Coalition;s tactics, adopted from the prohibitionist US lobby group "Handgun Control Incorporated", is to attempt to convince members of the public that firearms use in Canada represents a serious "public health" issue, easily remedied by confiscating, without compensation, legally owned firearms and other related property from responsible Canadians. An article by their spokesperson, Ms. W. Cukier, entitled "Guns: Out of Control?" appeared in the Winter 1993, edition of the Canada Safety Council's "Living Safety" magazine and outlined their position.