[4] It is an interesting historical coincidence that any Canadian government which passed restrictive firearms laws has either not been returned to power in the next election, or returned with only a slim majority.

Conservative Prime Minister Robert Bordern's coalition government introduced gun controls in 1919. The Conservatives were reelected under Arthur Meighan in July, 1920, but his government lasted only 18 months and went to defeat in December, 1921, when William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberals took power. R. B. Bennet's Conservative government introduced hadngun registration in 1934, and was defeated by William Lyon Mackensie King's Liberals in 1935.

The Liberal government under Pierre Trudeau introduced restrictive gun control in 1977, and was subsequently defeated by the Conservatives under Joe Clark in June of 1979.

In 1993, Kim Campbell's Conservatives, authors of Bill C-17, suffered the worst defeat in Canadian electoral history.

Other social and economic factors play pivotal roles in Canadian election results; however, the inability of government to recognize or appreciate the legitimate concerns of law-abiding gun owners and to underestimate their strength, numbers, and more importantly, their commitment to their sport and property, appears to be a near-fatal error at election time.