[29] Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 12, op. cit., p. 8; Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 12 No. 21, pp. 9-10; and Julian Roberts and Michelle Grossman, Homicide and Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Legislation in Canada: An Evaluation, Report No. 7, (Department of Justice Canada, Research Section, 1992), pp. 26-27. The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics reports that 92% of all sexual assaults do not involve weapons of any kind.

Roberts and Grossman report that between 1974-1986, 96% of the 305 sexual homicides in Canada did not involve firearms and that strangulation was the most frequent method used. They conclude that since relatively few sexual homicides involve firearms, gun control legislation is unlikely to reduce the number of these crimes.