[31] Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 14 No. 8, Spousal Homicide, (Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, March 1994), pp. 4-5. In 1992, the Canadian Centre for Justics Statistics (Distribution of Female Solved Homicide Offenses by type of Intimate Relationship 1992) reported that one out of every 67,000 Canadian women was a victim of domestic homicide.

As reported in Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 14 No. 8, firearms constitute the single most frequrnt means of committing spousal homicide, but do not account for the majority of all cases.

The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics reported (Distribution of Homicide Offenses by Gender of Victim 1961-1992) that in 1992, one out of every 27,000 Canadian men were homicide victims compared to one out of every 56,000 Canadian women.