[59] Criminal Statistics England and Wales 1992, p. 35, p. 65; Firearm Certificate Statistics England and Wales, 1992, (UK Home Office, Research and Statistics Dept., Aug. 1993), p. 3, p. 5; Canadian Crime Statistics, op. cit.; and Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, op. cit. Following the introduction of restrictive gun laws in 1988 (which made acquisition and ownership even more difficult than it had been under Britain's Firearm Act of 1968), the gun ownership rate per 100,000 population in Great Britain declined 22% between 1988-1992.

Crime in Great Britain has been identified as an increasingly serious problem. The UK Home Office reports that only 30% of all violent crime is reported to the police (Information on the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales, 1993, p. 11). The United Nations 1991 International Crime Survey (Understanding Crime, op. cit. p. 28) reported that Great Britain displayed, by far, the largest increase in crime between 1988-1991, followed by Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and Canada. Crime in the US declined over the same period.