[14] The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reports for the United States (UCR) recorded 308 justifiable homicides by civilians using firearms in 1992. Prohibitionist literature erroneously refers to the UCR figures as the extent of self defense homicides in the United States. American crime statistics, like Canada's, are based on arrests rather than convictions. An individual arrested for homicide and later acquited or released without prosecution due to an act of legitimate self defense, is still recorded in crime statistics as a homicide. The incidents of justifiable homicide recorded in the American UCR's are classified as such following a preliminary police, not courtroom, investigation. Kleck, op. cit., p. 114, indicates that UCR reports of justifiable homicide by civilians are seriously underestimated. His research indicates that approximately 1700-3100 homicides in the US annually are legitimate acts of self defense by private citizens. Civilians legally kill far more criminals every year in the United States than the police.