[52] Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, op. cit.; and Kleck, op. cit., p. 46. Kleck estimated that in 1990, there were 200,000,000 firearms in civilian hands in the United States, out of a total population of 249,000,000. Wright, Rossi, Daly, op. cit., p. 18, p. 205, estimated that 275,000 handguns are stolen from private residences in the US every year, excluding theft from shippers, manufacturers, police and the armed forces.

Wright, et. al., reports that there are at least two million illegal handguns in New York City alone. New York City, with more restrictve firearm control laws than Canada, has approximately 33% more illegal handguns than the total number of legal handguns existing in all of Canada.

Theft estimates fro both the United States and Canada do not address the illegal arms that travel north from Central America due to the ongoing political turmoil in that region.