[1] Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 14 No. 6, Drug Use and Crime, (Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Jan. 1994), p. 15; David B. Kopel, Children and Guns: Sensible Solutions, (Independence Institute, 1993), p. 43; and Canadian Profile, op. cit., p. 171.

Juristat Service Bulletin Vol. 14 No. 6 reports that between 1977-1992, crimes involving possession, trafficking, and importation of cocaine skyrocketed by 1400%.

Kopel reports that a study of cocaine-related homicides in New York found that 87% of the homicides were related to territorial displutes, debt collection, or drug deals gone bad. The pharmacological effects of drugs were related top only 7.5% of the homicides.

A history of heavy drug use and criminal activity was found in a study of street youth in Toronto, which reported that 43% had been involved in selling drugs, 23% participated in robbery or robbery with violence, and 27% were involved in burglary offenses.