iTitle Page

Chapter 1
Firearms and Firearm Owners In Canada
1.1How Many Firearms? How Many Owners?
1.2The "Gun Lobby"?
1.3An Alarmist Agenda
1.4How Many Firearms are Used in Crime?
1.5The Lawful Firearm Owner as Murderer?

Chapter 2
Firearm Violence
2.1Firearm Accidents and Injuries
2.4International Comparisons
2.6"Good" Versus "Bad" Guns

Chapter 3
Firearm Control and the Justice System
3.1Legal or Illegal?
3.2The Self Defense Denial
3.3Crisis in Criminal Justice
3.4To Register or Not to Register

Chapter 4
The Silent Partners
4.1High Society
4.2Video Kids

Chapter 5
Concluding Remarks
5.1Concluding Remarks

Charts and Graphs
1Firearms and Violent Crime in Canada 1988-1991, %
2Firearms Used in Violent Crime/Violent Death, Canada 1991, No., %
3Previous Criminal History, Accused Murderers, Canada 1991, %
4Previous Criminal History, Homicide Victims, Canada 1991, %
5Fatal Gun Accidents, Canada, 1933-1991, No.
6Fatal Gun Accidents, Canada, 1933-1991, Rate
7Accidental Death by Firearm, Canada/U.S. 1933-1990, Rate
8Homicide in Canada 1926-1992, Method, No.
9Homicide in Canada 1926-1992, Method, Rate
10Homicide in Canada 1926-1992, Method, %
11Homicide in Canada 1926-1992, Method, % by year
12Suicide in Canada 1926-1991, Method, No.
13Method of Committing Suicide, Canada 1926-1991, Rate
14Suicide: An International Perspective, Rates
15Suicide: Annual Averages 1983-1986, Rates
16Homicide - An International Perspective
17aFirearms in Violent Crime, Canada, %
17bFirearms in Violent Crime, Great Britain, %
18Gun Ownership and Violent Crime - Great Britain 197901992, Rate
19Gun Ownership and Firearm Robbery - Great Britain 1979-1992, Rate
20Robbery in Canada 1962-1992, Rate
21Robbery in Canada/US 1976-1992, Rates
22Weapons Causing Injury/Death to Robbery Victims, Canada 1988-1991
23aFirearms in Robbery - US, %
23bFirearms in Robbery - Canada, %
24Bullet Energy - "Military" versus Sporting Cartridges
25Restricted Firearms in Canadian Homicide, 1961-1990, Total
26Restricted Firearms in Canadian Homicide, 1961-1990, Annual
27Commercial/Residential Burglary - Canada, U.S., Great Britain
28Break & Enter - Canada/U.S. 1983-1992, Rates
29Residential Burglary - Canada/U.S. 1987-1992, Rates
30Violent Crime - Canada/U.S. 1962-1992
31Firearms in Canadian Homicide 1961-1990, Total
32Firearms in Homicide, Canada 1961-1992, Rates
33Drug Crimes - Cocaine, Canada 1977-1992, No.
34Drug Crimes - Heroin, Canada 1977-1992, No.
35aAlcohol/Drug Consumption in Homicide Accused, %
35bAlcohol/Drug Consumption in Homicide Victims, %
36Method of Committing Homicide, Canada, Rate
37Method of Committing Homicide, Canada, Detailed Rate
38aMethod of Committing Homicide, Newfoundland, Rate
38bMethod of Committing Homicide, Newfoundland, Detailed Rate
39aMethod of Committing Homicide, P.E.I, Rate
39bMethod of Committing Homicide, P.E.I, Detailed Rate
40aMethod of Committing Homicide, Nova Scotia, Rate
40bMethod of Committing Homicide, Nova Scotia, Detailed Rate
41aMethod of Committing Homicide, New Brunswick, Rate
41bMethod of Committing Homicide, New Brunswick, Detailed Rate
42aMethod of Committing Homicide, Quebec, Rate
42bMethod of Committing Homicide, Quebec, Detailed Rate
43aMethod of Committing Homicide, Ontario, Rate
43bMethod of Committing Homicide, Ontario, Detailed Rate
44aMethod of Committing Homicide, Manitoba, Rate
44bMethod of Committing Homicide, Manitoba, Detailed Rate
45aMethod of Committing Homicide, Saskatchewan, Rate
45bMethod of Committing Homicide, Saskatchewan, Detailed Rate
46aMethod of Committing Homicide, Alberta, Rate
46bMethod of Committing Homicide, Alberta, Detailed Rate
47aMethod of Committing Homicide, British Columbia, Rate
47bMethod of Committing Homicide, British Columbia, Detailed Rate
48aMethod of Committing Homicide, Yukon Territory, Rate
48bMethod of Committing Homicide, Yukon Terrotory, Detailed Rate
49aMethod of Committing Homicide, N.W.T, Rate
49bMethod of Committing Homicide, N.W.T, Detailed Rate
50Comparison of Homicide Rates 1992, Eastern Provinces and States
51Comparison of Homicide Rates 1992, Central/Midwest Provinces and States
52Comparison of Homicide Rates 1992, Western Provinces and States
53Comparison of Homicide Rates 1992, Arctic Provinces and States
54Comparison of Homicide Rates 1992, US and Canadian Cities
56aWeapons in Homicide, US 1992, %
56bWeapons in Homicide, Canada 1992, %
57Homicide in the United States 1926-1991, Rates, Annual
58Homicide in Canada 1926-1992, Rates, Annual
59Homicide in England and Wales 1950-1992, Rates, Annual
60aWeapons in Canadian Robbery 1976-1992, %
60bFirearms in Canadian Robbery 1976-1992, Rates, Annual
61aWeapons in Robbery, Newfoundland 1977-1992, %
61bFirearms in Robbery, Newfoundland 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
62aWeapons in Robbery, P.E.I 1977-1992, %
62bFirearms in Robbery, P.E.I 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
63aWeapons in Robbery, Nova Scotia 1977-1992, %
63bFirearms in Robbery, Nova Scotia 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
64aWeapons in Robbery, New Brunswick 1977-1992, %
64bFirearms in Robbery, New Brunswick 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
65aWeapons in Robbery, Quebec 1977-1992, %
65bFirearms in Robbery, Quebec 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
66aWeapons in Robbery, Ontario 1977-1992, %
66bFirearms in Robbery, Ontario 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
67aWeapons in Robbery, Manitoba 1977-1992, %
67bFirearms in Robbery, Manitoba 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
68aWeapons in Robbery, Saskatchewan 1977-1992, %
68bFirearms in Robbery, Saskatchewan 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
69aWeapons in Robbery, Alberta 1977-1992, %
69bFirearms in Robbery, Alberta 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
70aWeapons in Robbery, British Columbia 1977-1992, %
70bFirearms in Robbery, British Columbia 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
71aWeapons in Robbery, Yukon Territory 1977-1992, %
71bFirearms in Robbery, Yukon Territory 1977-1992, Rates, Annual
72aWeapons in Robbery, N.W.T 1977-1992, %
72bFirearms in Robbery, N.W.T 1977-1992, Rates, Annual