3. Registration as "Citizen Control"

3.4 China

On 10 March, 1912, the Republic of China prohibited the manufacture, possession, and importation of military rifles and cannons, ostensibly to control the flow of weaponry to the warlords who controlled most of the country.

On 1 July, 1935, the Nationalist government of Chiang Kaishek prohibited the possession of all military firearms to persons "without authority" (Simkin, et al., 1994, p.189) 12 .

Like the Nazis in 1933, when the Communists under Mao Zedong eventually seized power in 1949, they "inherited" gun control from the former Nationalist regime.

In 1957, the Communist government prohibited the unauthorized making, purchasing, possession, repair, or use of firearms or ammunition. These laws were enacted just prior to the introduction of Mao's economic and agricultural reforms - the Great Leap Forward - which resulted in the deaths of millions of Chinese through overwork and starvation. (Simkin, et al., 1994, p.190).