Appendix 8


List of the Principal Persons and Organisations who Assisted the Review




New Zealand Police

Assistant Commissioner Ian Holyoake

Superintendent Lindsay Hunter

Inspector John Coote

Mr Doug Agnew

Ms Clare Aubrey

Ms Tracey Anderson

Ms Mary Schollum

Detective Marc Heron

District Arms Officers, in particular those who assisted with the security check: Mr Bryan Atkins, Mr Peter Johnston;

Mr Robert Kilkolly, Sergeant Lindsay Peacock and Mr Gary Tomlin.



Ad hoc security committee

Mr Ray Beatson

Inspector Rodger Honan

Mr Stan Pogson



Ad hoc technical committee

Warrant Officer John Berry

Mr John Howat

Mr Robert Ngamoki, Chief Armourer, New Zealand Police



Professional consultants

AGB McNair Limited

Coopers & Lybrand, Wellington

Mr Ian Miller, Hamilton Miller Partnership

Dr Greg Newbold, University of Canterbury

Mr Reece Walters, Victoria University of Wellington



Mental health and privacy professionals

Dr David Chaplow

Dr Barbara Disley, Mental Health Commission

Judge Ken Mason

New Zealand Medical Association

Mr B H Slane, Privacy Commissioner

Dr Janice Wilson, Mr Ron Paterson and Dr Nick Judson, Ministry of Health




Mr Philip Alpers

Coroners Mr Stephen Osborne, Mr Richard McElrea and Ms Erica Kremik

Mr Dale Farnsworth

Mr Graham Ford, High Court, Auckland

German Embassy, Wellington

Mr Stuart Hayman

Ms Juliet Hay, Department of Justice

Ms Barb Lash and Mr Philip Spier, Ministry of Justice

Injury Prevention Research Unit

Superintendent A G McCallum

Mercury Bay Shooting Federation

Mr Graham Nugent, Landcare Research New Zealand Limited

Otago Regional Council

Mrs Pam Oughton

Mr Tony West, Land Transport Safety Authority



Those consulted at hearings

Alliance Party of New Zealand

Mr Philip Alpers

Mr Bob Badland

Ms Annette Beautrais, Canterbury Suicide Project

Christchurch City Council

Dame Barbara Goodman

Mr Chaz Forsyth

Mr T N French

Mr John Furley

Mr Kevin Godkin

Mr Stuart Hayman

Mr John Howat

International Military Arms Society


Mountain Safety Council Firearms Advisory Committee

NZ Antique Arms Association

NZ Council of Licensed Firearms Owners

NZ Customs Service

NZ Deerstalkers Association

NZ Pistol Association

NZ Police Association

NZ Smallbore Rifle Association

NZ Specialist Arms Dealers’ Association

NZ Sports Goods Association

Mr Neville Robertson

Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Inc

Mr Paul Telfer

Mr Hong Tse

Wellington Service Rifle Association

Mr Steve Wilson

Ministry of Women’s Affairs

Mr R G Young



Those consulted in Australia:


Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra

Dr Adam Graycar

Ms Melanie Brown

Mr Peter Grabosky


Department of Justice, Victoria

Mr Tim Daly

Mr Howard Burrowes


Firearm Reform and Compensation Project, Victoria

Ms Karen Cleave

Mr John Richardson

Inspector Steve Taylor


Office of Law Enforcement Coordination, Canberra

Mr Daryl Smeaton

Mr Kerry MacDermott

Mr Wayne Smith

Ms Sue Hunt


Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Adelaide

Mr Peter Allan

Mr Greg Fleetwood


New South Wales Police

Ms Lynn Ashpole

Mr Mick Roelandts


South Australia Police

Superintendent Jim Litster

Inspector Cormac McCarron

Senior Sergeant Ted Warren


Queensland Police

Inspector John McCoomb

Senior Sergeant Michael Crowley


Victoria Police

Mr Geoff Cliffe

Mr David Dettman

Mr Peter McDonald

Inspector Chris Penno


Western Australia Police

Superintendent Steve Robbins

Senior Sergeant Jeff Hildebrandt


Others consulted in Australia

The Hon. Daryl Williams, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice

The Hon. Bill McGrath, Minister of Police and Emergency Services, Victoria

Dr Chris Cantor, Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention

Mr Lindsay Ford, Firearms Consultative Committee, Victoria

Professor Richard Harding, The University of Western Australia

Professor Paul Mullen, Monash University

Ms Rebecca Peters, National Coalition for Gun Control

Mr Geoff Smith, Regency Institute of TAFE, South Australia

Professor Gordon Hawkins, Sydney



Those consulted in Canada:


Mr James Hayes, Canadian Firearms Centre

Ms J Ackroyd, Canadian Firearms Centre

Inspector Mike Buisson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police



Those consulted in the United Kingdom:

Lord Cullen, Dunblane Inquiry

Mrs Glynis McKeand, Dunblane Inquiry

Home Office, London


Those consulted in the United States of America:

Professor F Zimring, University of California



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