Reform Options

Limiting the Availability of Firearms for Misuse

Restricted Weapons

Inoperability of Restricted Weapons


Surplus Handguns

Military Style Semi-automatics

Sporting Centrefire Semi-Automatic Rifles

Semi-Automatic and Pump-Action Shotguns


Other Semi-Automatic Firearms

Details of Proposed Buy-Back


Recovering surplus guns

Buy-Back of Unwanted Firearms

Public Armouries

Armory Recommendations

Improved security

Ensuring the suitability of firearms licensees

Statutory Criteria for Assessing Suitability

Police Arms Manual

Disqualification Periods

Domestic Violence

Convictions for Violence and Firearms Violence

Breaches of the Arms Act

Convictions for Other Offences

Poor Mental Health

Alcohol or Substance Abuse

Unsafe Firearms Use

Applications After the Disqualification Period

The Unsuitable Flag

Prohibited Persons Register

Minimum Delay Periods


Disqualification Periods

Improving the Vetting Process

Promoting Responsible Attitudes to Gun Use and Ownership

The 1982 Case for Abandoning Registration

The Practicality of Establishing a Registration Database

Obtaining Compliance

Benefits of Registration to Crime Prevention and Detection

Sufficiency of Licensing Controls

The Western Australian Example

Annual licensing.

Assisting the Re-Introduction of Registration


Deaths of Licensees

Training of shooters

Sanctions for the misuse of firearms

Sanctions for the misuse of firearms

Clear and comprehensible law

Additional Proposed Reforms


Controls on imitation firearms

The Size of the Problem in New Zealand

Controls on Importation and Manufacture

Limiting the size of collections

Amendments proposed by NZ Customs Service

Controls on the Importation of Ammunition

Importation of undesirable weapons

Communication with the public, and the use of technology

Publicity Campaigns

Toll-Free Number and Internet Home Page

The Use of Technology

Imaging of Documents

Miscellaneous police recommendations

Firearms Dealers

Range Safety

The Administration of Firearms Control



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