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This site is a work in progress. It's main purpose is to provide access to the newsletter known as the Canadian Firearms Digest. As such, a lot of the effort will be put into maintaining and making more accessible the archives of this newsletter. As time goes by, different methods of searching and viewing the archives will be introduced. For the moment, though, they are available as the original text files that were mailed out to the CFD subscribers.

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The CFD and this site have always been volunteer run and paid for. If you would like to donate time as a moderator, send an email to Howard and let him know. He will set you up to help with the moderating. If you would like to help with the expenses, click here to learn how.

Skeeter's Legacy

This newsletter and a website to support it was originally created and maintained by Skeeter Abell-Smith. There was a lot of good research material for this battle on that site. Since that site is being made unavailable by new firewall software at the University of Saskatchewan, it will be recreated here Some of the links in these pages may not work any more. If you spot a link that no longer works, send an email to Howard so that it can be fixed.

Research Data to Win Debates

Some of the research that has been compiled and can be used in this fight will be kept here.

The Battle Ground

The second purpose of this site is to provide another resource for the battle against oppression. Specifically, this site's owner wants to see gun laws that target criminals, and respect the rights of individuals.

These are a few of the individuals and groups that have taken up the fight to preserve the rights of Canadians to own property and defend their lives. A more comprehensive listing of groups and resources in this fight can be found here.

Bruce Montague's Court Challenge
A court challenge against the Firearms Act
Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
National Firearms Association
RFC Saskatchewan
Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan
Katey's Firearms Facts
A selection of video clips describing problems with current firearms laws
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Dennis Young
Staunch fighter in support of our rights
Gary Mauser
Most knowledgable Professor on guns in Canada

And the following groups are trying to steal away your rights as individuals to own property or defend you life.

Coalition for Gun Control

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